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Aluminium Cladding for Commercial Buildings

Providing commercial buildings with compliant and high-functioning aluminium cladding.

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    Finish Facades works primarily with the commercial sector to deliver bespoke cladding solutions for large-scale projects. Undertaken by our expert team, we have the experience to deliver high-spec, tailored solutions for all commercial buildings throughout the UK.

    We work with you to develop a facade system which addresses the requirements of your building while adhering to the latest regulations. Our facade systems not only provide elevated aesthetics for commercial buildings, but a functional and protective rainscreen for external walls, ensuring thermal efficiency and improved ventilation.

    Across all industries within the commercial sector, Finish Facades offers a comprehensive and streamlined service for the manufacture of facades for fire rectification, renovation, and new build projects.

    Why Choose Our Aluminium Cladding?

    Finish Facades’ aluminium cladding offers outstanding quality and compliance with the latest building regulations.

    Designed for Durability

    Our cladding systems undergo numerous examinations with third-party, UKAS-accredited testing centres to ensure their durability.

    This includes CWCT testing, which ensures your building envelope remains durable in its application. Through the testing of water tightness, wind resistance, air tightness and resistance to impact, the system as a whole must pass industry standards

    Enhanced Insulation and Energy Efficiency

    The right cladding system can provide enhanced building insulation, both thermal and acoustic, and reduce wasted energy.

    Utilising our innovative rainscreen cladding system, we create a thermal cavity between the cladding material and the exterior wall, promoting ventilation and protecting from water ingress

    Guaranteed Fire Safety

    BS 8414 and EN 13501-1 testing are critical to the fire safety of cladding systems. Under new regulations, materials used on external walls of buildings over 18m must be non-combustible, and therefore achieve an A1 or A2-S1, d0 status.

    • A1 materials are non-combustible.
    • A2 materials have very limited combustibility.
    • S1 materials produce very limited smoke.
    • D0 materials produce no flaming droplets or particles.

    Working with Finish Facades, you can be sure our systems achieve A1 or the highest A2 rating (A2-S1, d0 status) as we undertake EN 13501-1 testing for fire safety, compliance, and peace of mind of panels. We can further oversee and assist installers with BS 8414 testing for the compliance of the complete cladding system.

    Customisable for All Requirements

    Our solutions are customisable, achieved by a flexible and tailored service. The Finish Facades team works with you to determine the requirements of your project; we offer consultation and a site visit if required, to determine the right system for your building.

    Shape, size, thickness, and direction of the panel are all decided in consideration of project specifications. Alongside this, we offer a variety of colours, finishes, and a range of textures and effects to create your desired aesthetic.

    Our finishes include anodised, pre-painted, and polyester powder-coated panels, ensuring both performance and appearance are in line with your expectations.

    Ease of Installation and Maintenance

    At Finish Facades, we have developed innovative systems for streamlined cladding installation. 

    We offer an integrated fixing clip system, simplifying the installation process of panels; this can be found on ranges such as Engage. Alternatively, our innovative hook-on system, found on ranges such as Pinnacle, means panels can be hooked onto the frame; this offers benefits such as fast and easy hook-on mounting and dismounting, allowing for panels to be removed in isolation for ongoing maintenance tasks.

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    Aluminium Cladding for Commercial Projects

    Our aluminium cladding is well-positioned to meet the budget, style, and durability requirements of any project across the commercial sector.


    School Buildings

    Suitable for school buildings, our cladding systems are long-lasting and durable in this high-traffic environment.

    Aluminium provides an economical solution, with low maintenance requirements and resistance to impact - making it practical to maintain while delivering a modern aesthetic to welcome staff, pupils, and visitors.

    Leisure Centres

    For a cost-effective cladding solution that does not compromise on quality nor compliance, our aluminium cladding offers durability and low maintenance for leisure centres.

    Insulating rainscreen cladding systems can further make heating the large, open spans of leisure centres more cost-effective while promoting ventilation.

    Office Buildings

    With a range of aesthetics available, we can meet all types of design requirements for large office buildings. Finish Facades offers a wide variety of panelling options to ensure your office building has a desirable finish.

    Whether renovating, constructing, or rectifying, Finish Facades supports you throughout your cladding service.

    Train Stations and Rail Infrastructure

    Our cladding solutions are suitable for train stations and rail infrastructure. Made from high-quality aluminium, our cladding provides durable and low maintenance performance with complete design flexibility.

    Undergoing thorough testing, Finish Facades’ panels further achieve A1 or A2 S1-d0 status for compliance and fire safety.


    Healthcare Facilities

    Providing a sleek and professional finish for healthcare facilities, our cladding systems elevate aesthetics and provide a pleasant atmosphere for staff, patients, and visitors.

    Aluminium rainscreen cladding is designed to reduce energy wastage, making it an economic choice for this industry.

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    Enhance Your Commercial Projects with Our Aluminium Solutions

    As a part of the Finish Group, Finish Facades specialises in delivering bespoke cladding for commercial buildings.

    Where required, our service is supplemented by our sister company, Finish Architectural, to provide clients with a turnkey solution to facades, including aluminium guttering, window cills and surrounds, coping, fascia and soffit cladding, and much more.

    Why Partner with Us?

    Finish Facades is an experienced and reputable facade supplier, driven by a knowledgeable team for the design, manufacture and installation of cladding systems. When working with us, you can expect:


    • Compliance with current industry standards.
    • Customisable designs and a tailored service.
    • High-quality and precision-made facade systems.
    • Close collaboration and communication throughout.
    • Environmentally sustainable and fire-safe products.
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    Featured Case Study

    (Heathrow) Premier Inn Reclad

    Premier Bg

    An ambition to deliver a transformational identity to the Premier Inn company, with the supply of.1.5Million reclad, 2,500sqm of 3mm solid Aluminium recess fix panels to replace current ACM panels.