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Aluminium Cladding Framing Systems

Framing systems are designed to support durable and long-lasting rainscreen cladding.

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    As a part of our provision of complete rainscreen cladding systems, Finish Facades manufactures bespoke high-quality framing systems made from aluminium material.

    Playing an essential role in not just supporting the attached cladding panels, but also creating the innovative ventilation cavity that rainscreen systems are known for, we understand the importance of outstanding manufacturing across your complete system.

    Finish Façades’ aluminium cladding framing systems are manufactured as per exacting design specifications and in line with your panelling systems, including secret fix systems. Our framing systems ensure complete security and durability in their environment, as well as an intuitive process for installers.

    Why Choose Aluminium Cladding Framing Systems?

    Finish Facades is dedicated to the creation of cladding systems – and our expertise ensures premium quality and unwavering compliance when utilising our products. One significant factor of this is compliance with the latest fire regulations; our aluminium cladding framing system material is non-combustible, achieving an A1 or A2 S1 d0 rating.

    Aluminium cladding framing systems are moreover durable, lightweight, and cost-efficient. Discover why Finish Facades utilise an aluminium system below.

    Durability Over Time

    Aluminium provides durability across weather conditions and over time.

    To ensure unparalleled quality and durability, our CWCT Tested Aluminium Cladding systems, including the framing, undergo rigorous evaluation. Accredited bodies conduct comprehensive CWCT testing to assess wind resistance, watertightness, and impact resistance, demonstrating our commitment to excellence

    Lightweight Yet Strong

    Aluminium is known for its weight-to-strength ratio, being lightweight yet strong. This makes it suitable for framing systems, especially in streamlining the installation process and handling of the material.

    The strength of aluminium ensures it can support cladding panels.

    Thermally Efficient

    The air cavity created by a rainscreen system helps to maintain temperatures all year round, as well as protecting insulation from water penetration. As a result of this, the thermal efficiency of the building is increased.

    Visually Appealing

    Aluminium can be finished as per design requirements, accounting for all architectural specifications. Compatible with a range of finishes, including powder coating, anodising, and a matte finish, aluminium provides the flexibility required to meet all aesthetics.

    Cost Effective

    Without compromising on quality, aluminium is a cost-effective and reliably sourced material, ensuring Finish Facades can offer solutions within your budget.

    Entrusting Finish Facades with Your High-End Project

    Finish Facades is a specialist division of the Finish Group and has a wealth of experience providing complete aluminium rainscreen cladding systems for high-end, large constructions. This includes working with architects, contractors, and installers on fire rectification projects, new builds, renovations and more.

    Our team of industry experts seek to provide a valuable service, based on frequent communication and transparency, within timescales and budgets.

    We’ve invested in the latest technology and machinery to carry out the manufacture of top-spec cladding solutions, delivering on our clients’ unique requirements every time.

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    Featured Case Study

    (Heathrow) Premier Inn Reclad

    Premier Bg

    An ambition to deliver a transformational identity to the Premier Inn company, with the supply of.1.5Million reclad, 2,500sqm of 3mm solid Aluminium recess fix panels to replace current ACM panels.