Environmental Policy

Finish Facades has defined this Environmental Policy and we recognize that our activities may have wide-ranging environmental implications that can potentially be either damaging or beneficial to the Environment. It is therefore our policy to comply with all applicable legislation and any other requirements; establishing and continuously improving upon the best environmental practices.

We will assess and consider the environmental impact of all our fabrication activities and take action as appropriate, using our management system to provide a framework for the setting and reviewing of environmental objectives and targets to help support our overall aim of continuous improvement and the prevention of pollution.

We shall promote personal responsibility and effort on the part of employees to prevent Environmental damage and to act as good neighbours to those affected by our activities, ensuring that all employees are trained and competent at all levels.

Our employees will be responsible for the implementation of this Environmental Policy and will ensure that all work is carried out in accordance with all relevant legislation and company procedures, ensuring that all waste removed is done so by full licensed waste removal agents.

We aim to use Environmentally Friendly products as much as possible at the expense of more un-friendly products without neglecting quality and suitability. We aim to reuse all materials if possible whether purchased or inherited.

All waste is separated and recycled where possible; materials for recycling are stored separately from materials for disposal and collected as such a copy of this policy will be kept on site along with any other necessary company documents and procedures.

We shall display this policy in a prominent position within our organisation and shall review this policy annually to ensure its continuing suitability.