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Rainscreen Facade Testing

Testing for complete peace of mind in the quality, durability, and safety of your cladding systems

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    Finish Facades’ rainscreen systems undergo rigorous testing procedures before their handover to ensure they meet both our exacting standards and industry regulations for complete customer satisfaction.

    Our testing is complete in UKAS approved test centres as part of Finish Facades’ full service, aimed at providing large-scale renovation, new build, and fire rectification projects across a number of sectors with certified facade systems.

    Why We Test

    At Finish Facades, compliance drives our work.

    When we undertake testing on our rainscreen panels, we are confident in the knowledge our work is compliant to the latest British Standards and industry regulations.

    Testing standardises and raises the quality of facade systems throughout the industry, which, in turn, improves building performance. It provides architects and the client with ongoing maintenance insights and quality assurance of their systems.

    This is why all of our cladding work is CWCT tested and EN 13501-1 certified.

    Testing Methods

    We utilise the following testing methods to ensure our systems can withstand typical climatic impact as well as exposure to fire.

    CWCT Testing. Centre for Window and Cladding Technology test methods place cladding systems under typical climatic levels of water, air, and solid object impact to make certain they remain serviceable.

    For more on our CWCT testing procedures, see here.

    BS 8414. This British Standard tests the reaction of external rainscreen cladding to fire as a complete system, ensuring the reaction of the system is within industry standards if a fire were to spread through the building envelope.

    Need your systems to meet the BS 8414 criteria? Find out more.

    EN 13501-1. EN 13501-1 is a European Standard fire classification which tests individual panels on their reaction to fire, including combustibility, smoke production, and the capability to produce flaming droplets.

    Interested in our EN 13501-1 testing? Learn more here.

    Our Specialist Testing Systems

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