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BS 8414 Fire Testing

Be sure of your cladding system’s reaction to fire

with BS 8414 fire testing

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    As part of our testing service, Finish Facades can provide fire testing of your complete cladding system for project specific assurances, to ensure its reaction is within industry standards.

    Our BS 8414 fire testing is performed by UKAS approved testing centres, working to impeccable standards to deliver a reliable and resilient product for our clients.

    What is BS 8414 Fire Testing?

    The British Standard 8414 tests the fire performance of the whole, large-scale cladding system, as opposed to the individual elements within the system.

    There are two standards within the BS 8414, including the BS 8414-1, which tests cladding fixed to the masonry face of a building; this is typically seen in older buildings which require fire rectification or renovation. The second, BS 8414-2, tests cladding fixed to a structural steel frame, which is more frequently seen in new builds.

    During the BS 8414 test, a fire is lit in an opening at the base of the cladding system, which mimics a fire breaking out of a window. The reaction of the cladding system is then measured.

    Click here to read our full article explaining what BS8414 Fire Testing is and how it works. 

    What is Measured During a BS 8414 Test?

    During a BS 8414 fire test, the fire burns for 30 minutes whilst several measurements are taken in order to define the pass/ fail criteria. These include:

    • The spread of the fire, including how it spreads and how high it spreads
    • The reaction of the material
    • The temperatures reached at various points within the wall build up

    What are the Benefits of BS 8414 Testing?

    Carrying out the BS 8414 test can offer additional assurances that your rainscreen systems do not detract from the safety of building occupants and the integrity of your building in the event of a fire. This is especially true for high rise buildings.

    If your project requires BS 8414 testing, Finish Facades’ can ensure your bespoke system is tested to provide complete peace of mind for the architects and installers we work with, alongside the client.

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