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    Elevate the aesthetics of your cladding, simplify and speed up the installation process, and ensure installers are correctly guided with our innovative cassette hook on rainscreen system - Pinnacle.

    Pinnacle represents the most deluxe system Finish Facades offers, and has been designed and developed to directly address the aestheticism and performance of rainscreen cladding, including fire performance.

    Our fully compliant, CWCT tested system is available in panel sizes up to 1200mm x 3800mm, and is manufactured to project specific sizes to form a multi panel build up or full storey height arrangement.

    The integrated slots allow for fast and easy hook-on mounting and dismounting, allowing you to remove panels in isolation for any maintenance requirements.

    Finish Facades’ expert team works with our clients from initial stages, supporting and offering design feasibility to ensure you are supplied with a bespoke system which works for you. Our in-house manufacturing facilities ensure we can deliver panels on time throughout the UK and the Channel Islands.

    Fire Performance

    The Pinnacle rainscreen system is A1 and A2 S1-d0 fire classified. This offers the greatest protection against fire spreading through external wall cladding systems.

    Compliance to fire safety is essential due to new regulations introduced in the UK, meaning cladding must be fabricated using non-combustible materials. Finish Facades utilise UKAS accredited test centres for CWCT testing and EN 13501-1 testing to ensure our panels are fully compliant to the latest industry regulations.

    A cassette hook on system refers to the panelling used within your rainscreen cladding.

    The cassette system stands away from the sub-structure, whilst maintaining a flat appearance. It hooks on by way of integrated slots in the panelling, which attach to hooks on the exterior wall; this eliminates the need for visible fixings and further ensures an efficient, safe, and proper installation process.

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    Featured Case Study

    (Heathrow) Premier Inn Reclad

    Premier Bg

    An ambition to deliver a transformational identity to the Premier Inn company, with the supply of.1.5Million reclad, 2,500sqm of 3mm solid Aluminium recess fix panels to replace current ACM panels.

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